Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just before the pour!

We're almost ready to go!
Here's a picture sent in I took just before the pour.

Now we're poured and curing, soon to be ready for the prefab house kit.
There's going to be a wood floor on top of the stem wall, it will be delivered today.  As there will be a crawl space underneath the prefab house kit we put rigid foam under the floor joists.

We intend to clad the house with cedar shingles, what a difference from the Virginia prefab house kit!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Prefab SIP House In Colorado: Please Read 1st

Here we begin the journey of a prefab SIPs house by Green Modern Kits, the one story casa ti prefab modern house kit in Colorado.

What you need to know is that the pictures and words are that of the owner, Mr. P; but because he does not enjoy blogging, he is sending me handwritten letters with photographs to then scan in and blog.

With pleasure, may I introduce you to the
Prefab Affordable SIPs House In Colorado:



Just a start here, so you can see I'm serious. In all pics, see bright pink string defining perimeters of casa ti. Mostly red clay soil. Note power pole, #3, water hose, #5. Not far to move utilities.

Jeremy - age 31, Shawn - age 35, two guys that have a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

We will have great views.

Next: Finish new driveway to accomodate big trucks.

Then "stub in" utilities.

- R. P."
He made comments on the back of each picture, so I will quote them next to each picture:
Picture 1:

"Looking N.E. - Note stakes with bright pink string between them"

Picture #2:

"Looking S.E. from my present barbecue pit"

Picture #3:

(Note power pole in top center of photograph)

"Looking S.W. good detail of 4' wall"

(Copeland's note: It is admittedly hard to see the pink string in these pictures, try clicking on them to see the large image.)

Picture #4:

"Looking S.E.

The tool for doing rough-in earthwork - bobcat with teeth on bucket."

Picture #5:

"Looking mostly East / some South.

Front: Jeremy - heavy equipment operator, surveyor.

Back: Shawn - Framer / builder with lots of SIPs experience."

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Colorado Prefab Construction Costs

This is where the construction costs for the Colorado prefab house kit can be detailed to help others see what this family did.